Olivia O'Connor Rocking Horses. Hand carved timber rocking horses.
I specialise in handmade rocking horses and rocking horse restoration, I am living and working in South Gippsland, Victoria.

I grew up on a farm on Australia’s Mornington Peninsula. It was the perfect environment to develop a love for natural materials, such as wood and leather, and to appreciate the beauty of the countryside.

A love of working with timber led me to I study Furniture Design and Construction at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, for one year before being accepted into the competitive Prop Making course at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney. During this three-year specialised degree, I worked with wood, leather, foam-sculpting, model- and mould-making and puppet making.




Learn to hand carve your own timber rocking horse!

Over the course of 4 days you will learn to use traditional tools and techniques to hand carve your own rocking horse. Whilst being a simplified version of an heirloom rocking horse, your rocking horse will still use all of the same joinery and constructions techniques used in all of my rocking horses. Classes are suitable for beginners, whilst still have room for experienced students to carve a more detailed rocking horse.


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Hippo-Baby just about ready to paint! 
#woodcarving #woodcarver #merhorse #hippocampus

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Your a talented youg lady love to see some one love what they do .

That looks amazing Olivia 👏

Love seeing the transformation 😀

It’s sooo beautiful!

Very different 👍

See you in Bendigo, sweetie!

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Feeling far happier than I look at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo! I’m here doing carving demonstrations, watching working dog trials and chatting woodcarving and rocking horses!

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Hope it’s a wonderful day!!

I didn’t get to see you yesterday! I haven’t seen you since your days at MGT!

Are you fully recovered? I hope so.

What do you have on your small wood sign below the rocker?

Lovely to see you yesterday x

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Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the first of many things that are more frustrating to make than rocking horses - lucky for both of us he turned out to be a cutie!  
 #dog #toydog #sewing

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I just love this. It looks incredibly well made, too! Beautifully done.

Too gorgeous!!! 😍



Unflattering positions on the workbench for this little mythical horse today!

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So glad you are back working on him. Can’t wait to see it when it’s completed

Can’t wait to see the end result ❤️

It's going to be stunning, plus I want your studio walls in my house!

Was wondering what had become of this mystical creature, looking amazing xx

It's like getting your hair cut. They can't remove your ears to cut around them!!

Gorgeous clever lady bravo .

Wow this is beautiful! I would love to see the finished product!

Looks amazing!!!!!

Skill !👏

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Sunday carving or carving Sunday?

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Gorgeous! And new puppy?

You are so gifted and talented Olivia!

Awesome work! Btw. Is that Terry?


Amazingly gorgeous💜💜🧡❤️💚

Wow... that’s brilliant

This looks so beautiful!

It looks terrific.

You are so talented 👏

Looks great

Looks fantastic Olivia

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When little turtles are too far from the ocean they go swimming through the succulents and soar away on the cool breeze. 

‘Baby Bertha’. American Walnut and gold leaf. 
#carving #woodcarving #turtle #gold #oliviaoconnorcarving

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Big ones do the same thing: they love to sleep on soft corals 🙂

Super talented lady!

Amazing x

Does your rocking horse need new stirrups or perhaps a new mane after the last haircut?
February 14 - 16th I will be at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo and doing ‘freshen-ups’ for rocking horses on site.  
Drop your horse off in the morning and enjoy the expo whilst I work on your horse! 
Options include: manes and tails, stirrups, bridles, straps, rosettes, hardware etc... (no time at the expo to work on structural damage, cracking our paint work). 
Please book your horse in with me by emailing a pic of it to
See you at Seymour!

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Lovely horse ! Hope you are safe from fires !

Any chance of dropping one off for you to take home for a full restoration? 🤔

A Roebuck? Looks just like mine. Will be sending photos for a restoration when he is out of storage..lovely work 😊

Lisa Jones it's a pity Seymour is so far away.

mandy Mandy Telfer

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For the majority of 2019 I had been dreaming up exciting new projects and plans for my workshop that would annoyingly have to wait until my Christmas break.  I had finally factored in weeks of time to let my hands run away with me and carve what ever I fancied. 
However life rarely goes to plan, I saw in Christmas sat at my sewing machine and I’ve hardly been a few feet away from it this year. 
As our country burns I sew. There are so many ways in which we can all help for the bushfire effort and I believe that whilst I am lucky enough that our home still stands that we must all pitch in. I have chosen to sew pouches and wraps for the thousands upon thousands of native wildlife who have lost their homes. I’m not in a position to care directly for the animals but I can give those who do the supplies they need. 
The Australian Red Cross and Animal Rescue Craft Guild are great places to start if you want to pitch in. 
Happy New Year, I hope you are all safe, happy and for many of us I hope it rains.

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First sewing table ive I’ve seen with a tape measure on it🤔😀

You are truly an inspirational woman!!! Our wildlife will really appreciate your kindness and care😘 I look forward to seeing g our rocking horse come to life when you meet it😉

This is awesome. Thankyou

Good on you Olivia!💖

You are so beautiful 💗


Had a few pouches - with contents! - come in to latchford barracks with evacuees at the end of yesterday. Was a lovely moment at the end of a tough day.

So what you sewing ? Pouches ?


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I have pmd you

Jackieandfred Hess Another one to add to the collection 😉🤓

Is this one sold?

Craig Featherstone!!!!!! 🙏🙏

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Big curry stirrer and scooper for my little bro. 
Turned from some local Blackwood, with the help of a knife and carving gouges. It’s only taken me years of being surrounded by spoon makers to have a crack myself 😂 🥄 
#spoon #welcometothespooniverseImage attachmentImage attachment

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An heirloom to be treasured 💖

Love it !

Win your very own custom carved pet portrait (and postage!)!
Like my page, share and like this post then comment your answer below:
Q. How many seperate pieces of timber are in one of my small/pony sized rocking horses?
*Don’t count the stand! 
*Clue - the body is hollow 
*Clue - dont count any dowels that may be used for joinery🤫
First person to answer correctly wins, entries also accepted on my insta page. Winner announced 7pm this Sunday. 
Good luck!

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Congratulations to Leigh, we had a lot of close answers but I was looking for the number 23! Thank you to everyone else who had a guess and a bit of fun! Now you all know just how many timber parts in a small rocking horse!

Currently a few people are close but no one has the right answer yet - keep guessing!

CLUE!! Do not count any dowels that may be joining the timber together!!

counting the lamented pieces .head and neck has 4 lamented pieces, 4 legs each with 3 dowels = 16 pieces, back saddle 1 piece, body has 6 pieces and 2 eyes total 29 no dowels = 17

12 pieces for shaped but no tail. 13 if you include the timber at the attachment point of the tail.

What a cool idea Olivia. Love your work.

If I can guess again 16. 😀😀

10, including ears

My answers is - A LOT!




Isvthat the gorgeous Ned starring


I count 8 pieces

Random number.... umm... how about 23?


Great contest!

10..... I hope...😂


15 Nadeesha Wi





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I’ve had a rocking horse . Loved it

We have a big rocking horse with a plain saddle. Would love a side saddle hold.

Just gorgeous, beautiful work again, love the attention to detail xx

Stunning, my little girl would love to upgrade to one of these!!

What a wonderful renovation.


very cool

Linda Mealing

Tracy Anne Jonas this is amazing!! <3

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Sadly due to injury and doctors orders, I am unable to make it up to the Lost Trades Fair in NSW this weekend as I had planned. 
I will have a little display set up there and a rocking horse. 
I was really excited to be there, talking carving, rocking horses and doing demonstrations for you. So instead I’ll just look forward to seeing you in NSW next year!!
Sketch by @shinyhappyart of me at Lost Trades in QLD earlier this year. 
#losttrades #losttrades2019

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The Australiana Pioneer Village at Wilberforce is holding an '' Old Skills Weekend '' 29th Feb/1st March and we would love to have you join all the others coming if you would like to join us Olivia - and please get well asap x

Hope you’re ok Liv! xx

Heal quickly Olivia! See you in March I hope. Xx

Did you get kicked by a rocking horse? Well speedy recovery

Rest up! The rundown and unloved horses need you and so do we!!

Speedy recovery Olivia!🌺

Ah bummer! Hope you are doing ok, and we will come out and visit soon enough 😊

Sorry to hear this, hoping you are recovered soon.

Sorry to hear it! We’re on our way now, but glad I saw this update, would have spent the day looking for you otherwise! Rest up! See you at another fair!

I hope you feel better! Hugs from the other side of the world

You are an amazing artist. Take care , rest and follow doctors orders.

Sorry to hear that I did see your display and the beautiful rocking horse. Hope you are felling better soon.

You didn’t fall off did you?😀 I hope you’re doing ok

Your rocking horse bought back memories of my childhood Best Wishes for a speedy recovery

2020 that is !

speedi recovery and rest x

Take care & GET BETTER SOON!!

Get Well soon Olivia

Hope you’re ok my friend 💓

Take care

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  • Lost Trades Fair Australia
    9-10 MARCH 2019
    Lost Trades Fair VIC
  • Seymour Alternative Farming Expo
    15-17 Feb 2019
    Seymour Alternative Farming Expo
  • Lost Trades Fair Australia
    4-5 MAY 2019
    Lost Trades Fair QLD
  • Lost Trades Fair Australia
    5-6 OCT 2019
    Lost Trades Fair NSW
  • 19-21 JULY 2019
    Australian Sheep and Wool Show


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