Olivia O'Connor Rocking Horses. Hand carved timber rocking horses.
I specialise in handmade rocking horses and rocking horse restoration, I am living and working in South Gippsland, Victoria.

I grew up on a farm on Australia’s Mornington Peninsula. It was the perfect environment to develop a love for natural materials, such as wood and leather, and to appreciate the beauty of the countryside.

A love of working with timber led me to I study Furniture Design and Construction at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, for one year before being accepted into the competitive Prop Making course at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney. During this three-year specialised degree, I worked with wood, leather, foam-sculpting, model- and mould-making and puppet making.




Learn to hand carve your own timber rocking horse!

Over the course of 4 days you will learn to use traditional tools and techniques to hand carve your own rocking horse. Whilst being a simplified version of an heirloom rocking horse, your rocking horse will still use all of the same joinery and constructions techniques used in all of my rocking horses. Classes are suitable for beginners, whilst still have room for experienced students to carve a more detailed rocking horse.


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Hope you’re feeling as happy as these three happy dogs chasing their tails in some gorgeous Autumn sunshine!!  
#carving #woodcarving #handcarved #dog #dogsofinstagram #happyImage attachment

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Lovely indeed!!

Lovely, Olivia. You are thriving on trying different things!

Hippo-baby, a real life mythical sea monster. Hand carved in timber and covered in copper leaf...should see the sparkle in the morning light! Aged, with natural oils and sealed, with just the lightest of patina colour!

#woodcarving #copper #hippocampus #seahorse #creativityxgigi #oliviaoconnorcarving

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I love this! Don’t suppose you have made a necklace or brooch or possibly could?

Wow it's amazing 😍 You must be so proud!!

Breath taking 💖

Nice work!

Oh it’s lovely !

How fabulous.

Wonderful, Olivia.

How beautiful!!!! Gorgeous work Olivia!!! 🤩



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Charlie boy clearly feeling rather settled in his new home with plenty of time to get to know everyone in isolation!
#horse #rockinghorse #memade #heirloom #creativityxgigi

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Chantelle Schultes

I think Charlie is gorgeous Olivia 😘

Love it I want one ❤️

I've always one of these 😍

Pricing please

Love this Olivia. Can’t wait to get ours

I've always wanted a dappled grey 🙂 Charlie's beautiful

Oh my goodness. How much is this type to buy




Stunning Marney Neal

Kevin Barker omg... 😍

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Little sleeping hare necklace. 
Carved by me in blackwood and finished with 🔥🔥🔥 (1st time trying, it was mildly terrifying) and oil. 
#hare #carving #woodcarving

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Gorgeous! How big?

This is so beautiful... I love hares

Very gifted you are!! Great care went into this.

So gentle and beautiful

This is so beautiful, you are so talented xx

It’s lovely




I’m I love with it!!! 💜

Thank you to everyone for such lovely feedback on this little baby! I will be carving some more and selling them for $125 each (including postage Australia wide). Each sleeping hare necklace is carved from South Gippsland Blackwood and the carving is approx 5.5cm long x 4.5cm high. Please email me at if you would like to take care of one of these little hares...or if you have another carving project in mind! Thanks so much , Olivia x

I love this ❤️ Olivia

Sweet 💕

I think these would sell very well.... Let me know if you do!

Thank you to everyone for such lovely feedback on this little baby! I will be carving some more and selling them for $125 each (including postage Australia wide). Each sleeping hare necklace is carved from South Gippsland Blackwood and the carving is approx 5.5cm long x 4.5cm high. Please email me at if you would like to take care of one of these little hares...or if you have another carving project in mind! Thanks so much , Olivia x For those who asked about purchasing: Ronda Featherstone Mary Duff Christine Ruiter 🐇😀🐇💚🐇

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I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time and have finally colour coded my tools. I’ve met some carvers who pickup a tool, use it and lay it down in an exact spot to find quickly again but try as I might I’m just not made like that. I use a tool and before I know it I’ve picked up another one and lost the previous in a pile of wood chips - which are frequently the same colour as my tools! I’m really surprised at just how these little stripes of paint have sped up my process 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ ✊ 
#woodcarving #workshop

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A good tip for garden tools too! A dab of red paint will stop you leaving them in the rain.

Beautiful! And a simple way to make life easier. 🙂

Last year I was commissioned by St Mary’s Church to carve an icon of Mary MacKillop, the first Australian Saint.  They put a lot of trust in me and through a bit of research I told them of elements I’d like the carving to portray and as a result there are some very modern elements to her pose when compared to traditional icon carvings. Most notably is Mary’s stride, it is long and full of purpose, the folds and movement of her clothing are as a result of her own forward motion. It might not seem like much but compare this with many other icons who are depicted standing still, with the movement happing around them. 
#mary #icon #iconcarving #carving #woodcarving #marymackillop

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Beautifully done, Olivia you are a very gifted artist. I am sure they will be absolutely thrilled with your interpretation Mary MacKillop who was such a strong woman.

She is beautiful. Fantastic work Olivia she is alive!

Hi Olivia your carving is really special well done you are most talented Regards Bruce

Congratulations, Olivia, she looks magnificent.



Beautiful carving Olivia. You have managed to get so much life in it!

Wow. She is stunning. I went to school at StMary’s Yarram and got married there. It is and amazing church and community. This statue of Mary is stunning. She was a woman of action. She would not have been one to rest on her laurels.

Congratulations. She’s beautiful.

Magnificent Olivia ,love your words as you describe Mary in her moving forward action ! What a woman !

Well done Olivia. Their trust has been rewarded.

Beautiful. She looks amazing!

great job she's beautiful

Absolutely beautiful ! Congrats to you !

Love it I work at a Catholic school.

Love it Olivia. Fantastic!

Beautiful image of a strong woman X

Amazingly detailed work!

Just beautiful

Just beautiful

Looking good

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Mary in progress.

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You're so talented, Olivia!

wow great work

You really are diversifying

I’m impressed Olivia. Beautiful work you’re doing.

Absolutely stunning, Olivia !

Such a beautiful face💖💖💖 Helen.

So gorgeous !

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Detail of Mary MacKillop, commissioned by St Mary’s Church, Yarram and carved by me. 
#woodcarving #mary

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My goodness you're good!


Amazing skills

Well done, Olivia.

Beautifully done!


What is the timber?

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Diversifying? A commission?

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It’s beautiful

Love it!!!

After a couple of days fine tuning the details myself, my workshop manager and the young apprentice (pictured) are thrilled to be offering private carving lessons from my workshop straight into your own home via the power of Skype, FaceTime and the internet!
Just think about what you’d like to learn!
No tools? No problem! I have spares and can hire them out via the post - same goes for timber too! We can do- Letter carving! Pattern carving! Gold/silver/copper leafing! Relief carving!And other types of carving!
Hopefully some digital downloads for rocking horse restoration will be on their way soon as well. 
Let’s all stay active, creative and connected. Send me a message if you’re interested xx

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Hi Olivia, hope you’re well in this crazy world!! Dave has been painting and then sanding it all off again because of the rough service. Is there a time he could contact you tomorrow to ask your advice? 🐗

Love to.. Will need to hire tools.

I would like to learn how to carve a roast please! 😉

Fantastic idea. ❤️

Two eager helpers but you do not look so sure!!!

Love this

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I finished my hippocampus carving just in time for the Lost Trades Fair  in Bendigo a few weeks ago. I can hardly believe the change we have seen in that time, but here we are. 
In ancient mythology the hippocampus is a symbol of strength, loyalty and bravery and I can’t help but think that is so fitting right now. 
My workshop is on my aunt and uncle’s property and whilst they are currently stuck in England, we’ve moved in to their house so that we can isolate and at least I can still be able to work. Like many makers I am used to spending my days alone as I work, but this time it’s all a little different. 
I’ve got some really exciting ideas in the works as I try to transition part of my business online, but for now I have to put my head down and keep carving! 
Thanks so much for all the support, stay safe, keep healthy and I’ll keep you posted x

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I was wondering what the final finish would be like. This is just stunning.

Love it Olivia !

wow that is great all i need know is for Glen to finish my horse lol

Stunning work

Beautiful xx

Good luck with it all Olivia. Keep up the beautiful work, Ash and Hilary

Love your Hippocampus ! Stay safe and well ❤️

Looking forward to more posts from you Olivia

Beautiful xx

Olivia, we artisans were made for this current experience. 😉😊

Love this

Great Job Olivia O'Connor Carving

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Leaping hares in the clover, with little corner clover details. 
Carved by me, in American Walnut and full of movement, joy and the love of handmade. 
This one has sold, but if you’d like your own little carving please send me a message, each one will have different details and even different animals if you’d like! x 
#woodcarving #thethreehares #clover #oliviaoconnor

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You are soooo talented!!

I love how they share ears. Is this your design?

Luv the bunnies how much to Australia

It’s beautiful 😍

Message sent 😍

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Hand carved sign for a front gate. 
Couldn’t have done it without the crash course from @marymaywoodcarving in her tiny shop and the late night/early morning skype lessons (and for showing me the fun in letter work) from @cminihantravishers   

#fasswayfarm #woodcarving #woodcarverImage attachmentImage attachment

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Very nice job. Good on ya!

The Three Hares. 
Carved on Saturday at the @losttrades fair in Bendigo for a sweet piece of American Walnut.

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Love it!

Gorgeous work Olivia. I watched you in awe carving out one of the hares on Saturday. The finished article is wonderful.

Looks amazing 😉💗 just in time for Easter 🐣

Now I love that ! Are you carving in multiples to sell ?? XxL

Are you selling any of these lovely pieces Olivia?

Love this Olivia.

It's beautiful, Olivia

Very arty, like the sharing of ears.

Love it ❤️


Love it

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